Surfing, by mdlsoft,

Surfing, by mdlsoft,

what the heck is a surferbird news-link?

What is Surferbird News-Links? It's a curated collection of news on food, health, environment, science and technology. But it's important to note that I don't always agree with every article I share. Also, because I like to stay current on trending topics, sometimes, I present controversial ideas. After all, having the ability to look at news events from different perspectives keeps us on our toes! Currently, I post Surferbird News-Links once a month. However, this isn't written in stone. Last updated June 12,  2017

The Surferbird News-Links Earworm

But wait! I almost forgot about the earworm. At the end of most Surferbird News-Links, I feature a music video, which is usually one of my earworms from the previous week.  An earworm is when you get a song stuck in your head. This happens to me a lot! In fact, I share most of my waking hours with earworms. All's well unless the earworm happens to be a song I don't like, one that is particularly annoying. I'll do my best to spare you of these.

What's in a name?

How did I come up with such a silly name, Surferbird News-Links? When I lived in Ventura, California, our family enjoyed visiting different coastal communities and beaches. One of our favorite outings was driving north on California State Route 1 along the mountainous coastline to Santa Barbara. I fancied watching the surfers as they bobbed up and down in the water, waiting to catch the perfect wave. When the right one came, the ocean was awash with a new kind of species donning funny black suits.  I once remarked how they looked like birds—surferbirds.

So, you might say that Surferbird News-Links is a tribute to clear, blue skies; glistening sandy beaches and the vast Pacific Ocean with its wave-catching surferbirds. But it's also about surfing the news and sharing my finds with you—a celebration of mind and spirit.