Coral Bank, by Firkin,

Coral Bank, by Firkin,

Healthy Planet Resources is a work in progress because so many new companies are launching greener products and converting to plastic free packaging. Some of the ones listed below, however, might use a small amount of plastic in their packaging or shipping. I've included them in this list because we have to start somewhere. And companies on the right track, in my opinion, shouldn't be punished.

Please note: I haven't tried all these products but will do my best to add notations as I do. Also, I'm not affiliated with any of these websites or companies, nor do I receive compensation or free products by linking to them. Please see my disclosure page for more information. 

Last updated September 26, 2017

Healthy Planet Resources: products


Ably (

Aeon Row(

BlueRidgeStitches - Have you checked out the lovely handmade clothing on etsy, by Crystal Taylor, Virginia, USA? She designs and makes clothing from certified organic cotton, most of which is from South Carolina. Other fabrics include hemp and lace. The fabrics and designs are gorgeous. 

Eileen Fisher- Take a look at the Go Behind the Label section on the Eileen Fisher homepage. There's so much to learn about fibers, fabric treatment, fair trade labor, in addition to other textile related topics. Eileen Fisher understands the entire process of fashion. Environmentally friendly clothing isn't just about organic fabric. - I can vouch for for the beauty and quality of the clothing from this company with headquarters located in Sweden. Thankfully, a family member bestowed upon me a gift certificate for Christmas. Not all of their garments utilize organic fabrics. But at least they offer a wide selection of natural fiber clothing. Playful, expressive clothes with the planet and its people in mind - that's what I love most about

IswasCottageturns fabric discards and vintage treasures into lovely new pieces for your home and wardrobe. I love the cloth baskets for home organization.

Tonlé has achieved almost zero waste in manufacturing and uses environmentally friendly fabrics. They even make their own paper from fabric waste.

Woolly Pedlar - makes new clothing and home furnishings out of waste knitwear. These imaginative, original designs are available on the Woolly Pedlar website. I'm already lusting after one of the bedspreads.

Zady (


Chagrin Valley Soap and Salve - Check out the deodorant link. One of the options is packaged in a cardboard tube. And it's one of the only natural deodorants with baking soda that doesn't make my armpits itch! They also sell other eco-friendly natural deodorant options in tins.

Aquarian Bath - I love the Patchouli Deodorant Balm, which is packaged in a nifty metal container. And Aquarian bath sells other deodorant "flavors", also. This is another wonderful itch free arm pit option (at least for me)!

Yulia's - I just placed an order today (August 19,2016)! Yulia's carries a full line of natural skin care, also. See below under skin and hair care.

Diapers, nursing pads, and other baby care supplies

My Green Nest - With so many tips on how to deal with the disposable nature of mothering, My Green Nest offers alternative solutions in the form of articles and support along with resource information.


Organic Textile Company(Wales) - With such a rich sampling of fabrics, the Organic Textile Company is sure to delight even the most discriminating of textile junkies. Choices include: plain undyed, denim, linens, crossweaves, prints and patterns, herringbone, doublecloth, jersey, bamboo, basketweave, cotton fleece, embroidery and lappet, batting, wool, stripes, printable items, muslin squares, and thread. 

Organic Cotton Plus - Organic Cotton Plus was the "first fabric retailer in the US to be fully GOTS-certified" (quote from website). GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard and takes into account both social and ecological criteria. Fabrics options include: undyed fabrics, prints, cotton, linen, hemp, silk, jute, wool, knits, corduroy, cotton fleece, french terry, denim, voile, barkcloth, and I could go on. 


Two Sisters Ecotextiles

Gift Wrapping  

I wrote this blog post just before Christmas. Here, you'll find ideas on arts and crafts supplies. But this is just the beginning.  Look for more of these kinds of projects, especially around the holidays.

Kitchen, Home, Storage and More


Infinity Jars - These look beautiful, but more importantly, they preserve the contents of what's in them. I don't know how they're shipped, though. However, I view them as a long term investment.

Life Without Plastic - This website/store doesn't just sell environmentally conscious products. They also host a wealth of information on the broader topic of plastic to include - interesting facts on the health and environmental effects of plastic, the manufacturing process, recycling, and more. I could probably write an entire blog post about plastic just from their website. And then, there's all the cool non-plastic stuff! Here's just a sprinkling of their products:

tiny yellow bungalow - kitchen, shampoo bars, vintage soap dishes, napkins, dish towels, toothbrushes, produce bags, water filtration on the go, and much more!

Laundry Soap

Eco Nuts Organic Laundry Soap  - This is what I'm currently using for laundry soap, and I love it! You can also purchase it at Life Without Plastic in addition to other online sources. Have you seen it in retail stores? If so, let me know through the contact form and I'll make a notation. 

The Simply Co.  - I haven't tried this product, yet, but it fits the bill for being environmentally safe. In addition, they also use environmentally friendly packaging for shipping.

Aquarian Bath - The Lemon Laundry Soap is packaged in a biodegradable cellophane bag with an optional wooden scoop. Oh dear, this looks like another product that I have to check out from Aquarian Bath. Sigh.

Linens, pillows, and home furnishings

ComfyComfy Buckwheat Pillows- What an amazing discovery! ComfyComfy makes buckwheat pillows from organic cotton and fills them with buckwheat hulls. They also offer flaxseed and balsam pillows in limited styles.

Coyuchi - Check out their stunningly elegant but understated bedding, table linens, towels, and lounge wear.  I just found this company - more information coming soon.


IswasCottageturns fabric discards and vintage treasures into lovely new pieces for your home and wardrobe. I love the cloth baskets for home organization!

Woolly Pedlar -makes new clothing and home furnishings out of waste knitwear. These imaginative, original designs are available on the Woolly Pedlar website. I'm already lusting after one of the bedspreads.


Batty's Bath- Liquid foundation, loose mineral foundation, lip balm, lipstick, mascara, eye shadow, concealer, eyeliner, blush, bronzer, and setting powder. As I mentioned above, I'm currently using one of the cream foundations. And I love the way it gives my skin a healthy glow without looking fake.

Elate Beauty uses sustainable packaging (seed paper and bamboo) for almost all their products—natural makeup for eyes, face and lips.


Oral Care

Bamboo Toothbrushes - Toothbrushes for adults and kids on the Life Without Plastic website. 

DIY Tooth Powder - ( link to recipe) - Why not make your own? Here's an easy, affordable solution to commercial toothpaste.

Aquarian Bath - This is another place to find environmentally friendly oral care products. I'm intrigued by the different flavors of tooth powder! While you're checking those out, pick up a bamboo toothbrush.


EcoEncloseI love this company for their eco-conscience packaging supplies. And their online store is available to both consumers and businesses. Don't you just despise all that plastic bubble wrap? There IS another option.

Pak-Sel, Inc. - They offer 100% biodegradable cellophane bags. Some bags are a combination of plastic and cellophane, so check out the details in their listings.

Mountain Rose Herbs  - Metal tins, plant based cellophane bags, glass bottles, jars, cotton muslin bags, and compostable brown and white tea bags lined with a 100% plant based polymer. Mountain Rose Herbs has you covered. Besides offering these plastic alternative packaging solutions, Mountain Rose Herbs is committed to the environment and people through sustainable practices, fair trade and watershed conservation.


Best Buy-A big thank you to Alexa for pointing this one out to me! Best Buy recycles electronic waste—even electronics purchased elsewhere. Now that's saying a lot! Seriously, take a look at their list of accepted items. Thank you, Best Buy.

Shopping bags

Some of these are made from recycled plastic and synthetics, but this is still a better option than single-use plastic bags. Also, check out this free no-sew shopping bag that you can easily make at home with old T-shirts. This is a fun project to do with kids, too!

Citizen Love - Beautiful rainbow bags printed on recycled cotton/recycled PET fabric - each one is unique. (mostly cotton)

ChicoBag - Bags for all kinds of endeavors made from recycled materials - they can easily fit in a purse or even a pocket, depending on the bag.

ECOBAGS - Many natural fiber bags along with other popular synthetic brands - there's a bag for you!

Envirosax - Colorful bags that take up little space when not in use.

Life Without Plastic - Plastic Pollution Coalition (PPC) Canvas Tote Bag - purchasing this bag supports the work of the PPC. The link, above, also has other bag options, including food storage bags.

Little French Market Company - Oh, such lovely handmade artisan baskets - you have to see them to appreciate.

Mothering Mother - I love these cotton bags. Take a look at the starter set, which includes bags for produce, too.

No-Sew Shopping Bag - Funky, fun, and free!

Onya Life - Reusable shopping bags made from plastic water bottles.

Project Green Bag - Please note: Their website expired, but I'm leaving them on my list for now, until I know more. Made from organic cotton, and surprisingly affordable, these made in the USA bags are sure to please.

reuseit - A huge variety of grocery and shopping bags made from both recycled plastic and natural fibers. The Mini Jute Storage Bags could be used for home organizing. (Some are made from natural fibers.)

Skin and Hair Care

Aquarian Bath  - Shampoo bars, deodorant, flax pillows, skin care, tooth powders, balms and salves, soap, towels, DIY supplies, solid perfume, shea butter, lip balm, lotion bars, along with vegan soaps and shampoos, bug repellent, and massage oils. In addition, here's a link to the Aquarian Bath blog. I'm enjoying the Carrot Top Shampoo Bar and Patchouli Roll On Perfume. Because of my affinity for patchouli, I guess I'm a hippie at heart.

Batty's Bath- I haven't tried the skin and hair care line, but I'm using Nature's Veil CC Cream as a light foundation. Needless to say, I'm sold. I look forward to trying more products.

Taylor's Pure and natural - I searched high and low for Castile soap packaged in glass and found it! I haven't tried their products, yet. But this looks like a company with a mission to sell high quality personal care products in eco-friendly containers.

Chagrin Valley Soap and Salve - From shampoo bars to skin care, in addition to so many other products, there's something for every family member at Chagrin Valley Soap. They truly are a one stop shop for personal care products while maintaining a small carbon footprint. Check out my blog post about them here.

Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap Bars  - These are available at specialty grocery stores and online, including Dr. Bronner's website.

J. R. Liggett's shampoo Bars - Two of my favorite bars are the Jojoba and Peppermint and the Moisturizing Formula.

Life Without Plastic  - Shampoo bars, makeup remover rounds, face washcloths, combs and brushes. Please see the link at the top of the page for a list of more products.

Yulia's - I placed an order for the deodorant today (08-19-2016) and will be trying other products, soon.

Sporting Goods

Bamboo Bicycle Club  - Wood and bamboo bicycles have the lowest carbon footprint of all materials available for bicycle manufacturing. This website is a pleasure. And one can hardly classify their work as manufacturing. It's craftsmanship, really. Oh, if only my father were still alive to see this! In addition, you can order kits to build your own bamboo bicycle. I wrote a post about the Bamboo Bicycle Clubhere.


Avasol®  - Mineral sunscreen in biodegradable or refillable packaging. 

Butterbean Original Sunscreen (Life Without Plastic) or the Butterbean Organics website

Other Fun Stuff

Ecovative -  Ecovative uses mushrooms to create alternatives to Styrofoam products. They manufacture Myco Board, a replacement for particle board; Myco Foam, a replacement for Styrofoam and protective packaging materials; and Myco Make, the raw materials needed to make your own projects.

Although their products are geared toward companies and not consumers, I'm fascinated by this technology. And samples can be purchased by individuals. Oh, and the Myco Make - what a wonderful science project for kids!

Healthy Planet Resources - tools

Blog Tyrant - Would you like to make your website or blog carbon neutral? Blog Tyrant has an excellent post about that. You don't need a website or blog, however, to benefit from this information. Check out how you can make a difference in this excellent post on How to Make Your Website Carbon Neutral.

Healthy Planet Resources - websites and blogs

Being-PALL - Her name is Michelle, and her blog is lovely. Unlike the owl, she's a photographer. And she's passionate about living plastic-free a lot less (PALL).

Ecology Center -  Visiting the Ecology Center website is like taking a crash course in plastic education, recycling, and garbage collection. Check out this page for a thorough explanation of why plastic is such a big deal.

Ensia (news source) - More than a website about plastic, Ensia is all about information and solutions for a sustainable future. Most noteworthy, one of their articles was an important resource for my post on plastics in our oceans.

My Plastic Free Life - Beth Terry, the owner and creator of this blog, is truly a pioneer in plastic-free living. Her website is chocked full of so many tips and helpful information. I'm only just beginning to explore the possibilities.

Plastic Free July- Would you give up single use plastic for the month of July? Take a look at the Plastic Free July website and my post about them here

Plastic is Rubbish - You'll definitely want to take a look at this blog, out of the UK, for so many everyday tips on using less plastic.

Plastic Pollution coalition  - an excellent place to begin and further your knowledge of plastic pollution! Also, check out the excellent resource page on ways to reduce plastic. Donations made through their website help reduce disposable plastics.

The Problem With Plastic -  focuses on plastic and its impacts on the environment, presented in both Spanish and English.

The Zero-Waste Chef - plastic-free food storage and preparation.