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Why I’ll Never Understand Our Culture’s Obsession With Cars

"Art on wheels" is how my husband refers to beautiful cars. But not me. Although I've had some car adventures in my life, including one with a flying Jaguar, I much prefer a cozy sphere where I can sit and think. And you'll never guess what I did to my grandmother's Cadillac. 

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Surferbird News-links, 63rd Edition

Repealing the Clean Power Plan, listening to trees, California fires, forest soils and carbon dioxide loss, climate change and grass-fed beef, eco-friendly clothing, solar panel tariffs, weed-eating goats, how squirrels sort their nuts, LA's palm trees and more.

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How the Bamboo Bicycle Club Evoked the Memory of My Father

Bamboo bicycles have clear advantages over their counterparts. Read on to learn about bicycle frame materials and the Bamboo Bicycle Club, an organization that sells bamboo bicycle kits while providing world-wide education and support for people building their very own bamboo bicycles.

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