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How to Reduce Household Plastic: Seven Tips

I put off writing this post for the longest time; I wanted to wait until I was better at living plastic-free. But I feel it's important to help each other find solutions and for me to be transparent. I'm certainly not perfect, but the tips, below, helped our family reduce household plastic. Rest assured, it didn't happen overnight.

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Chagrin Valley Soap: Shampoo Bars and So Much More

Sifting through natural hair care and skin care products can be tricky and time consuming. So, if you're overwhelmed by the options, take a look at chagrinvalleysoapandsalve. This small family-owned business specializes in USDA certified organic, sustainably produced, ethically traded and cruelty-free personal care at a reasonable price. And their packaging is planet friendly, too! Read on to learn about Chagrin Valley shampoo bars and so much more. 

Last updated March 27, 2018

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