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High CO₂ Levels Could Lead to Cloud Loss and a Catastrophic Tipping Point

High carbon dioxide levels, clouds and a tipping point; heat and fires in the UK; “gold standard“ level of confidence for global warming; and the strongest February typhoon ever recorded

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Climate Change in the Sacramento Valley: Imagining the Future

I’ve been reading and writing about climate change for several years now. Yet, there is that moment it pierces the sacred spaces, the places we call home. My moment occurred during the 2017 fires in Napa and Sonoma Counties, California. Here’s my story.

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Climatically Speaking: The Best Stories on Climate, Food, Science and Culture, (11th ed.)

Extreme weather events and climate change; California fires and a fire tornado; Michael Mann on climate change and the future of civilization; 4°C warmer, a map and some data; climate change, wheat and ticks; frolicking goats and an earworm.

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