Surferbird News-Links, 1st Edition


Welcome to Surferbird News-Links. Join me on an exploration of health, food, science, and the environment. For more information on the name and origin of Surferbird News-Links, see here. Oh, I almost forgot; there's always an earworm at the end of every edition.What's an earworm? you ask. Well, scroll on down to discover! Today is the first in a series of weekend news posts. Each week, I comb the news in search of fascinating research and inspiring articles that I share on social media. It occurred to me that you might be interested in some of these, too. True to the nature of owlinthewood, the articles cover many different topics. I have numerous interests and hope you enjoy this handpicked (with love), curated news collection.

Surferbird News-Links, a weekly summary from across the web



Decreasing CO2 While Expanding Economy - This is a chart, and it's good news. We could all use some of that.

Carbon Farming - I've been reading about carbon farming a lot. Did you know that we can sequester carbon by farming methods? We can. And some farmers began doing this before climate change news became such a big deal.

Ocean Farming - Well, this is more good news, and it's about fish and sustainability along with harvesting kelp. It's a vertical ocean farm, and you simply have to take a look. It's unbelievable.


Santa Cruz Homeless Garden Project - This is such an inspiring project that helps end homelessness while providing job training and a connection to the community. Also, it's organic.

History of the Banana- Well, there's nothing more to say here. This is an interesting read on the history of the rise of the banana and what the future holds for one of America's favorite fruits.

All Food is Genetically Modified - How do you feel about GMOs? This article challenged me to learn more and to formulate an opinion based on science. I'm reflexively against GMOs, but it's important to understand why and to potentially clarify my definition of what's acceptable.

30 Indigenous Food Crops - I believe this is the wave of the future. As we begin to experience changes in weather patterns due to climate change, re-introducing and expanding crops that thrive in local environments can play an important role in feeding populations across the globe. I had never heard of many of these plants.


First Woman Who Hiked Appalachian Trail - Have you heard of this story? I sure hadn't. A 67 year-old grandmother living in Georgia heads out for a walk and five months later ends up in Maine. The book comes out this month. I just might have to read it.

Segmented Sleep- There's a lot in the news lately about the importance of getting eight hours of sleep with some of that sleep taking place before midnight. This article doesn't exactly dispute the before midnight part, but it's an interesting take on our current health obsession of viewing sleep within a narrow framework. Did you know that it wasn't uncommon before electricity for people to experience two sleeping periods? If you're an oddball, like me, or just interested in the sleeping ritual, this is a must read.

Coffee and Decreased Cancer Risk - Did you need another reason to drink coffee? Check it out.

Choosing a Safe Mattress for Babies - All of my children are big people now, except for one, who's twelve and likes to think of himself as a big person. If you know someone starting a family, this is a must read about crib mattresses and their safety in regards to chemicals.

Other stuff...

Two New Resources - I added two new resources to my healthy planet resource page: Aquarian Bath and Pak-Sel, Inc. Aquarian Bath is a company that sells personal care and beauty products, anything from shampoo bars to salves. There's a strong emphasis on zero plastic containers. Check them out on my resource page and on their website for a better description. I can't wait to place an order with them!

Pak-Sel, Inc sells various packaging materials. The product that interests me the most is the biodegradable cellophane bag. Some of the bags are a combination of plastic and cellophane, but others are 100% plant based. I would like to see industry move away from plastic bags and plastic wrap to cellophane instead, if possible.

And one last note: did you read my last post on curse words? Well, I clicked publish instead of save draft, before I was finished editing. Bummer. So if you read the first version, I'm extending an invitation to take a second look. I added the artwork and hopefully corrected mistakes.

Have a lovely weekend, which can be a mixed bag sometimes, right?