Surferbird News-Links, 48th Edition


Stories in today's Surferbird News-Links include: winter in Ontario, first flying car, antibiotics used to treat appendicitis, less snow in the Alps and more. Yoga— it's time to get serious about it. One of the downfalls to maintaining a website is the tendency to sit too much. I'll be experimenting, soon, with moving my computer around the house. This will allow me to work while standing or sitting on the floor.

But this hardly qualifies as an exercise program. And walking has become a challenge with our recent soggy weather. Not to mention I can't walk too far before I find myself on a street with too many fast-driving cars. A certain Go, Dog. Go! book comes to mind. Do you remember that one, too? The owl doesn't like fast, nor does she like cars.

But I discovered the Ekhart Yoga website about a year ago as a way to build strength and create calm without worrying about fast cars and my homeschooled teen, who doesn't want to walk with mom at all, anymore. I pay a small amount each month for the yoga that I don't do. :) But I plan to change that—and soon! I love the soothing quality of the instructors' voices.

So I'd like to know about the types of activities you do to maintain health. And for my writer friends, how do you mix in movement with sitting?


Stunning photograph of winter in Goderach, Ontario (

A combination of waves from Cove Beach and extremely cold temperatures created these stunning frozen sculptures. But if you decide to visit, take along some snow shoes!



What's missing from current climate change models? (

According to the article, important variables, such as "inequality, consumption, and population" aren't considered in current climate models. By integrating climate models with human activities, scientists could more accurately predict and anticipate the impacts of climate change on our society. This is a must read for climate science enthusiasts.

The amount of snow coverage in the Alps could decrease 70 percent by the latter part of this century. (

This is predicted if global temperatures rise above 2°C—the level set by the Paris Agreement, which many scientists consider far too optimistic.

Research station in Antarctica had to close due to cracks in the ice (

Scientists had just finished moving the Haley VI research station when they discovered a new crack on the Brent ice shelf. For the first time in history, they've temporarily abandoned Haley VI. The link above includes a short video that goes along with the article. I'd like a map of these ice shelves, so I can get to know them better—perhaps, before they're gone. How about, you?

Waste-free shopping (

Beginning February 24, a bulk retail grocery store in Canada will allow shoppers to use their own containers when purchasing bulk merchandise. Take a look at all the wonderful suggestions in this article. Even if you don't have access to bulk shopping, some of these containers make excellent plastic-free food storage. I'm waiting for a store like this to open in the U.S.!

Converting a landfill in China into a habitat for migratory birds (

A landfill in Lingang, China, will transform into a wetlands area for migratory birds by 2018. I suggest enlarging the main image to full screen, so you can capture the full effect of this project's serene beauty. The city of Lingang is worth exploring, also.

Food and farming

Farming our oceans (

Many of us have preconceived notions about aquaculture. And these notions aren't usually positive. But aquaculture management practices have improved. Indeed, farming our oceans sustainably has the potential to restore coastal ecosystems along with improving habitats for local fish and invertebrates.


Antibiotics instead of surgery for appendicitis in kids (

I learned about these studies after my son had his appendix removed. He was only 6 years old at the time, and it was an experience I would rather forget. The option of using antibiotics instead of surgery to treat children with appendicitis doesn't appear to be available, yet. But as this study suggests, it does look promising for the future.

Science and technology

Newly discovered continent in the Indian Ocean (

The best way to understand this newly discovered continent is by watching the video. The link above is to the article, which also contains the video. But wait! What about the continent of Zealandia? I do love geology, but I'm confused.


Have you placed your order for a flying car, yet? (

Does anyone remember watching "The Jetsons"? Well, we knew flying cars would arrive one day, and that day has come. But they're crazy expensive, and unlike "The Jetsons," you'll have to take off from an airstrip. Although they operate on regular gasoline, the article just below this one mentions that they'll soon be offering flying cars that run on bio-diesel and bioethanol. So, what are you waiting for?


On that note, I couldn't help but include the following song in today's post. It was the flying car, mentioned above, that brought on this earworm. Ah, the 60s. If you can hang in there through most of the video, take a look at some of the facial expressions from audience members—a hilarious contrast between loopy and stern.