Surferbird News-Links, 41st Edition


Greetings, and welcome to the 41st edition of Surferbird News-Links! Before I share highlights from today's stories, I'd like to thank all of you, again, for your support. I'll be taking a bit of a holiday break, so I don't plan on posting much over the next two weeks. I haven't even set a schedule for myself - if you can believe that! My son, who lives in Colorado, will be visiting, and in addition, I'll be working on a freelance project that I'm super excited about. So, for now, I'm signing off, but only for a short while. I wish all of you hope and warmth of spirit in this season of lights.  Laura

Warm up

Words of wisdom from Seth Godin (

Seth Godin suggests we avoid bottlenecks, and that's exactly what I plan to do.  I certainly do my best to go against the flow of Christmas crowds. How about you?


Business as usual for Amazon? Maybe not. (

Amazon remains controversial in its business practices, especially book selling. Do we need better antitrust laws to keep Amazon in check? Alternately, the article suggests that we could change the way we interpret and enforce the laws already in place. By the way, I created a list of environmentally friendly and socially conscience booksellers, here.


First solar panel road opens in France (

These solar roads are still in the experimental phase. However, they're expected to power the street lights for this small town of 3,400 inhabitants. Was the money well spent? That part of the project remains controversial.

Arctic heat wave related to climate change (

Scientists have observed as much as a 50 degree increase in Arctic daytime temperatures, which is definitely attributed to climate change and not simply strange, but natural, weather patterns.

A roundup of 2016 environment stories from Civil Eats (

I didn't get around to reading all of these stories in detail, but here's a nice roundup of 2016 articles on the environment and food from Civil Eats.

Three exceptional articles from Ensia on food, agriculture, and the environment (

When this post showed up in my news feed, I stopped working on today's edition of Surferbird News-Links and became absorbed in the featured stories. Ensia's professional and captivating journalism continues to enlighten and inspire.


Eggnog recipe with lots of booze (

Ah, no worries. The owl doesn't drink booze. But this eggnog recipe looks so delicious that I might have to change my ways - if the alcohol doesn't put me to sleep before I finish my drink. 

Wishing I had a waffle iron - Maple Cornmeal Waffles (

These are gluten-free, and I suspect, delectable. Unfortunately, I don't have a waffle iron, but these just might be worthy of a thrift store haunt.


Shampoo sales are decreasing (

Have you tried the "no poo" hair washing method? I haven't tried the one mentioned in the article, but our family does enjoy using shampoo bars. I'm glad to know we're making an impact on the amount of plastic bottles in the environment and harmful chemicals in personal care products.

Ebola vaccine (

Scientists have developed a successful Ebola vaccine. And they tested it by using the "ring vaccination" method, where health professionals vaccinate the immediate contacts of those who've already contracted the virus. Scientist noted few side effects.

Science and technology

Gravitational waves - scientific breakthrough for 2016 (

Read all about the scientific discovery of the year - gravitational waves.

Uber's driverless cars forced to take a "time out" for bad behavior (

They were naughty, and I'd like them to learn their lesson before I become a driverless-car passenger. Given enough time, however, I suspect engineers will sort it all out.

Closing image

Snow in the Sahara (

It doesn't happen often, and believe it or not, the author of the article made no mention of climate change. Sometimes, these things just happen. Take a look at the beautiful image from this rare occurrence.