Surferbird News-Links, 25th Edition


Welcome (sniffle, sniffle) to the 25th (sniffle) edition of Surferbird (sniffle, sniffle) News-Links. The owl has a cold (sniffle, sniffle). And since I don't trust myself to summarize serious news while suffering from the sniffles, I'm launching into full fun mode. As a result, today's and Friday's editions will focus on environmentally friendly shopping and whatever else tickles my fancy. Such mysteries lie on the horizon.

Goat Yoga

Just to make sure this post starts out on a good footing, let's begin with some Goat Yoga. I have to say - this looks so therapeutic. Besides, I've always had a thing for goats. You don't need to read the article to grasp the full meaning of Goat Yoga. Simply take a look at the photos. I'm feeling better already. :)



Houseplants that purify the air ( - Finally, someone wrote an article that lists air-purifying plants! This one's easy as you don't actually have to read paragraphs of text. Also, the infographics are chocked full of helpful information. Granted, I'll be referring back to this one.


Shop at Patagonia on Black Friday. ( - One hundred percent of Black Friday sales at Patagonia, online and in stores, will be donated to environmental programs. This is your day to make a difference. So, what are you waiting for - money, perhaps?

Adidas is coming out, yet again, with another environmentally friendly shoe. ( - Adidas already markets a shoe made from recycled ocean plastics. Now, they've developed a compostable shoe made from synthetic spider silk. Interestingly, the faux silk is made by fermenting bacteria. These aren't available just yet, however. But we can all look forward to seeing them online and in stores, hopefully, by next year.

Framing your favorite things ( - What does this have to do with the environment? I say - everything. Rather than spend money on a gift, why not recycle something old, but of aesthetic value, by framing it. Take a look at the ideas the authors of FOOD52 came up with. I'll bet you have your own ideas! (FOOD52 markets products. I'm not affiliated with either. For now, I simply enjoy their website.)

Consider staying home on Black Friday. ( - Our family never shops on Black Friday, since I don't belive in self-flagellation. Actually, one of the best ways to help the environment is to stop buying so much stuff. Check out these stay-at-home projects. It sure beats circling the parking lot for a parking place.

Merino wool scarves from ethically-raised sheep ( - These are lovely. And that's an understatement. Read all about raising sheep for wool. Then, head on over to LoveMerino for a peek at these ethically-made wonders.

Which stores disclose chemicals?

Rating stores for chemical disclosure ( - Surprise, surprise. Wal-Mart ranked first for chemical disclosure responsibility. Amazon came in last. Beyond disclosing harmful chemicals, though, Wal-Mart appears driven to stop selling products that contain them. Check out the scorecard for other stores, also.


Increased risk of salmonella with precut salad ( - You've already heard about this, right? I had. However, I learned more details from this article, which provides additional motivation to avoid precut salad.


The latest view on carbohydrates ( - I go round and round with carbohydrates. I've counted them, omitted specific ones, and even tried my hand at eliminating the starchy ones almost completely. But this article sheds new light on the importance of focusing on quality vs. quantity. It's a welcomed, less restrictive way to think about carbs. (Remember, I'm not a doctor or healthcare provider. Please see my full disclosure, if needed.)


Take a tour of Duncan House, a Frank Lloyd Wright wonder. - I stuck this one in just for fun. To view the slideshow, simply click on the arrows. You might find it a little confusing at first, as the photo on the landing page is of Wright's Fallingwater. But once you click on the first arrow, the tour of Duncan House begins. I also enjoyed the slideshow on kitchen counters, which is available once you reach the slide of the Duncan House kitchen. Furthermore, it offers perspective on choosing environmentally friendly kitchen counters.

Today's video

Remembering to love in a time of hate ( - At a time when many Americans are joking about moving to Canada, take a look at what these American Muslims are saying. I can't put the actual video on my website, as it doesn't appear to be available on Youtube or Vimeo. But you can click on the link below, or view it in the article, above. Maybe we ought to stick around.   Laura