Surferbird News-Links - 11th Edition


Welcome to Surferbird News-Links. Join me on an exploration of health, food, science, and the environment. For more information on the name and origin of Surferbird News-Links, see here. Oh, I almost forgot; there's always an earworm at the end of every edition.What's an earworm? you ask. Well, scroll on down to discover!

Surferbird News-Links, a weekly summary from across the web

Welcome back

I've missed the old surferbird. Have you? It's good to be back. A lot has happened in the news during my hiatus, and yet, the world kept right on spinning. Sometimes, unplugging for a while provides much needed perspective. However, I've missed all of you and hope you enjoy this 11th edition of Surferbird News-Links.



Chocolate in the Jungle isa film about a group of farmers restoring the Choc√≥ Rainforest in Ecuador by sustainably growing cacao. In order to participate in the program, they must leave 75% of their land unfarmed. An inspiring short read, the link above is to the e360 website, where you'll find a 15 minute, short film on this dedicated community of farmers.

Trees do indeed talk. - And they favor their own offspring, also. Head on over to the Treehugger website to read about the fascinating way trees communicate.

Creating a climate friendly yard - The possibilities of sustainable yard care almost make me want to be a homeowner again - maybe. Seriously, so many creative landscaping options exist today that benefit the climate. And I find this method to be more aesthetically pleasing, also.


A film about food and agriculture by an unlikely source - Patagonia - What? You don't want to watch another movie? No worries. The link above is to an article in Civil Eats about Unbroken Ground - a Patagonia Provisions film directed by surfer and film maker Chris Malloy. The narrator of this 25 minute film, Yvon Choulnard, is founder of the apparel company, Patagonia. All I can say is that Unbroken Ground is breathtakingly beautiful and hopeful. Take a look at regenerative agriculture and grazing, restorative fishing, and diversified crop management for organic farmers. You can access the film on the Civil Eats link above, or, alternately, watch the film here. A big thank you to Civil Eats for sharing.

Alternative Agriculture - Why must agricultural practices, as seen in the movie described above, be considered alternative? Why aren't they mainstream? This article explores the complexities of why the status quo persists and what can be done to advance agroecology - a more holistic, sustainable, and climate friendly way of growing food.

What's up with wheat sensitivity? - Is all the fuss over wheat and/or gluten sensitivity real, or is it possibly imagined? This excellent article explores some of the reasons behind the increase in sensitivities to gluten containing grains.


Hair care products linked to balding - Have you heard about this? I've known about these product for a while and thought maybe you'd appreciate knowing, also. The FDA is investigating the matter, but meanwhile, check out the link to stay in the know. And tell your friends, too. In addition, if you ever experience a reaction to personal care products, it's best to report this to the FDA directly instead of the manufacturer.

Is there an alternative to prescription drugs for treating kids with ADHD and psychiatric disorders? - The U.S. uses drugs to treat ADHD more than any other country in the world. However, Argentina has a different approach - something to do with Freud. And just to give you a hint, did you know that Argentina has the highest number of psychologists per capita in the world? I still question the expectations we have for children with different needs and learning styles to spend so much time per day sitting in a classroom. I appreciated this alternate perspective.


Being stiff in the morning may have a silver lining - As humans, we seem to strive for some unrealistic ideal of perfect health. At the first sign of discomfort, we often overanalyze the situation - assuming that it was a food or activity that caused the symptom. This article, however, suggests that our bodies suppress inflammation when we sleep, contributing to the all familiar stiffness in the morning. Now, I like the sound of that. But even more importantly, this study could have far reaching benefits for those who suffer from inflammatory types of illnesses. Check out the link above to learn more.

Renewable energy from bacteria - Well, yes folks - it's here. What's the point of nuclear power plants these days when you can make electricity from bacteria? Check out this article, which highlights electric bacteria and questions the need for nuclear energy in the long run.

Just because...

Who's trailing behind in gender norms? Ah yes, it's the good old who does what conundrum. I spend far too much time thinking about this issue. And it feels like a complicated one, also. Because this is a touchy subject and there's so much to sort out, I'll leave it at that, for now. Enjoy this quick, yet enlightening, read.

The African Methodist Episcopal Church supports policies that make the Paris Climate Agreement attainable. Furthermore, as far as they're concerned, faith and caring for the environment are inseparable. The short video, included in the link, brought tears of joy to my eyes.


Finally, we come to a close of this week's edition of Surferbird News-Links, which brings us to today's earworm. Somehow, feeling good about getting back to writing Surferbird News-Links turned into Get Back (the Beatles) playing in my head. Earworms are a fascinating, yet bewildering, experience. After so much serious reading, it's rewarding to celebrate by watching this video. And don't you love seeing these guys?

I'll be seeing y'all around, soon. Enjoy.