Spring Haiku: Peacocks, Daffodils and Crisp Green Beans

                                                              "Springtime" by Claude Monet, by GDJ, openclipart.org

                                                             "Springtime" by Claude Monet, by GDJ, openclipart.org

Bright green spring arrived

cloaking hills and vales under

Mt. Diablo's eye.


In a cozy sphere,

Master Kevin the peacock

patrols his kingdom,


where children roam and

yurts sink into wild steep hills.

Traffic streams below.


Kevin is twenty.

Well done, Kevin the peacock.

Well done fragrant spring.


Low-hanging roses

bend across soft memories

of sweet gardenia,


luscious magnolia,

daffodils in mason jars.

Paper whites stand tall.


Well done noisy spring.

Cicadas sing in sweetgum,

Kevin screams his call.


Steaming crisp green beans

beg for a dab of butter

and a pinch of salt.


by Laura Routh©2017