Charlie the Eco-Friendly Ghost - a Fun DIY Project

Color photograph of homemade hippie ghost project for "Charlie the eco-friendly ghost" - image taken by family member
Color photograph of homemade hippie ghost project for "Charlie the eco-friendly ghost" - image taken by family member

This is Charlie, the eco-friendly ghost. But Charlie is so much more than eco-friendly. He's founder and president of wouldyoulikeabetterjob.yes —a company that cares deeply about the environment and one that is poised to change the way we think about the workplace. Just look at that face. Rest assured, Charlie is an entrepreneur who will lead us toward the future. I know what you're thinking: But his head is full of fluff. How can this be? But it's organic fluff, which is more than most of us can say. Who has organic brain matter anymore?

The story behind the eco-friendly ghost project

Greetings, everyone! I don't do scary all that well. So what began as an eco-friendly traditional ghost, evolved into more of a hippie ghost. I generally like hippies, which is good because I'm slowly turning into one.

But I digress. In the past, we've used white plastic garbage bags for ghosts. Gasp! We do reuse them each season, though. But this year, they finally bit the dust - a little ghost humor. There's no way I wanted to replace them with plastic ones. So the Charlie project was hatched. Except that Charlie was originally supposed to be scary and of the nameless sort.

But when I started cutting out the eyes and mouth for this nameless eco-friendly ghost, I couldn't abide by the the ghostly rules. His mouth began to take on a smile. One thing led to another, and, well, Charlie tells the story better than I ever could.

How to make Charlie - or perhaps Charlie's friends

First of all, I took one of my no-sew shopping bags that was white and dingy and turned it so the fringe was facing outside. The fringe, later, became part of Charlie's hair.

Next, I stuffed the fringed end with organic cotton batting from Organic Cotton Plus. You might be able to find organic cotton batting in stores, but I wouldn't stress about the organic part. I used a T-shirt strip to tie around his neck, securing the batting in place.

For Charlie's hair, I cut strips from old T-shirts and looped these through the gaps between the knotted pairs of fringe. I kept on doing this until Charlie had somewhat of a full head of hair. Tie-dyed strips make lovely highlights for Charlie, don't you think? Additionally, I used T-shirt strips of different lengths to add interest.

I cut out eyes and a mouth from black T-shirt scraps and slipped stitched them onto Charlie's face.

My favorite part of this eco-friendly ghost project was adding the adornments to Charlie's hair. Fortunately, I had buttons and tassels leftover from my craft business from fifteen years ago. I simply threaded a strand of Charlie's hair through all of the button openings and tied a knot at the end. I added the tassel in a similar fashion.

Charlie's tie, well, I have my husband to thank for that part. But I did sew on a button, so he'd have a dandy tie clip.

Closing thoughts on Charlie

In case you're interested, or know anyone else who's interested, Charlie's company, wouldyoulikeabetterjob.yes, is hiring! Isn't that great news?

Here's the catch, though. Charlies says that highly competitive and combative people will have to do six weeks of paid yoga and mindfulness camp before being considered for any positions within the company. Believe me, from what I've seen, it's well worth it. Charlie offers a generous benefits package along with paid parental leave for both moms and dads. The company strongly encourages work from home days, also. So, what do you say? Let me know how it goes.

Disclaimer: Some applicants may need to participate in yoga and mindfulness training for a much longer period of time than the usual six weeks. Wouldyoulikeabetterjob.yes makes no guarantee on time limits or on any additional therapy that might be necessary to transform any particular applicant into one that fits with the company. All yoga, mindfulness training, and any other therapies, including, but not limited to, psychotherapy, are paid for by wouldyoulikeabetterjob.yes. We welcome family members for visits and meals during this time of quiet transformation. Be well. 

Oh, and I almost forgot. I'm not responsible for any consequences that might result from you taking this post seriously - unless, of course, it brightens your day.

Happy Halloween!