John Muir - Inspiring kids and adults to Follow Their Own Paths

My son and I recently finished reading an inspiring biography on America’s first environmentalist, John Muir, entitled John MuirMy Life with Nature by Joseph Cornell. With so much emphasis on climate change in the media lately, I thought this would be a good time to remember the spiritual quality of nature.

With wonderful tidbits at the end, including a page about following your own path, even when others suggest that you fall in line with convention, and only eighty pages in length, this enchanting biography would make a wonderful gift for those who enjoy sharing books with youngsters. And although the target age range is 9-12, I found it a delightful journey into John Muir’s adventures, personal life and ideas.

How can reading about John Muir inspire kids to care about the environment, and which parts of the book resonated with you the most?

Warmest wishes from the owl, who lives down the road from John Muir's house.



By Francis M. Fritz [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
By Francis M. Fritz [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons