Gluten Free Grain Free Salmon Cakes


*These Gluten Free Grain Free Salmon Cakes are an easy dish to whip up for dinner with minimal ingredients and preparation; and they're gentle on digestion.

I haven't written any posts on nutrition, so far - only recipes. There's a good reason for this. Even with a degree in nutrition (from many moons ago), I feel so unqualified to write about the nuances that surround today's food controversies. I don't consider myself to be a scientist - or a nutritionist, for that matter.

But I've experienced my fair share of poor gut health, especially in the last seven years. I find myself having to take recipes apart, omitting so many of the ingredients from the outset that the end result hardly resembles the original. Because of this, you may want to add ingredients to the recipes posted here at owlinthewood. If you do, we would enjoy hearing about your creative endeavors in the comment section below.

The most notable ingredient missing in this version of Gluten Free Grain Free Salmon Cakes is onion. I love onions, but they aggravate my acid reflux, an unfortunate occurrence that just began a few years ago. The good news is that I slowly seem to be getting better. So without any more boring chit chat about my gut health, I present to you an easy peasy salmon cake recipe, pared down to an ingredient list that suits "The Owl."

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Salmon, by Firkin,
Salmon, by Firkin,

Gluten Free Grain Free Salmon Cakes  (5-6 three inch cakes)

(Preparation time approximately 10 minutes; cooking time 15-20 minutes)

Two six ounce cans of salmon

Two eggs

Two tablespoons of arrowroot powder

One and a half tablespoons of dill

One teaspoon of parsley

A pinch of salt

Ghee for greasing skillet

Melt ghee on low to medium heat in a large skillet or frying pan. Make sure that the skillet doesn't get too hot while you're preparing the salmon mixture. Drain salmon, dump it into a mixing bowl, and flake with a fork. Add the other ingredients to the salmon, mixing well. Allow this mixture to sit for about five minutes so that the arrowroot powder can fully dissolve. The mixture will still seem "wet," but that's to be expected. Form into approximately three inch patties and place in skillet. Cook about 8 minutes on the first side. Flip and cook an additional 5 minutes on the other side.

The above ingredients are available at local specialty grocery stores. Because of my current location, I ordered some of the ingredients online. I don't usually recommend eating much in the way of canned food, but fresh and frozen salmon can be expensive. Salmon cakes are quick and easy to throw together, providing a good source of protein and omega-3 oils without breaking the bank. Of course, leftover freshly prepared salmon would be even better!