Magnolia Musings - August 2016 Snippets


I thought it would be fun to start a new tradition in my wood by featuring a flower or plant in a monthly snippet post. Today, in addition to uncovering some of the mysteries of the magnolia tree, I'm also sharing news regarding at the end of this post.

The Magnolia

Stumbling upon magnolias was really more of an accident. When I searched the web for August flowers and magnolias popped up, I was surprised, to say the least. They usually bloom in the spring. And as it turns out, the sites linking August flowers to magnolias were from bridal websites. Go figure. Nevertheless, I uncovered interesting facts on this fragrant, primordial flowering tree - a comforting, yet powerful, symbol from my youth.

Apparently, magnolias have been around for longer than bees and were named after the French botanist, Pierre Magnol. A genus that consists of over 200 species of flowering evergreen trees and shrubs, magnolias most commonly reside in North America and Southeast Asia.

Beetles pollinate the flowers, which don't actually produce nectar. Instead, they make a high protein pollen.Chinese medicine uses the bark and flower buds, while the lumber becomes furniture, pallets, and veneer. Although many regard the magnolia to be the oldest living flowering plant, new findings suggest otherwise. However, they're still really ancient! Take a look at some additional facts below.

More facts

Would you like to know more? Check out the Magnolia Society International, the San Francisco Botanical Gardenwebsite, and an article about the San Francisco Botanical Garden,here.

Website News

Well, I finally purchased my new theme, and I'm installing it this week. It's exciting, but I'm also anxious as the process of switching over can be tricky. So, I'm letting you know that my site might be down for a short while or look unusual until I work out the kinks. I feel confident, though, that I'll get the support needed from the company I purchased it from to build an amazing website!

Healthy planet resources page

I updated the Healthy Planet Resources page with many additional companies. Included in the updates are sunscreen, makeup, carbon neutral energy use, bags, laundry soap, linens, and better descriptions for products already listed. The examples above represent only a sprinkling of new products and resources. Furthermore, I added a few more websites and blogs, also. This is one of the projects I worked on while I was away from all of you. I hope you find it helpful. And granted, this is only the beginning of more resources to come in the near future.

Facebook page

I'm not one to push social media. In fact, I've backed away from counting on social media to promote my blog. It can feel like a big waste of time, right? But sometimes, I do see benefits.

I'm extending an invitation to like and follow my Facebook page for news and updates. At first, I shared too many different kinds of articles, including a lot of negative ones. I still share news about the environment that isn't always pleasant, but mostly, I use Facebook as a way to provide information and updates for my followers.

For example, if I see interesting posts from other blogs and articles on living plastic free, I share them on this page. I also share posts by Village Enterprise, which are filled with inspirational images and hope. In addition, there's news about real food and any other information that relates to my wood - as in pictures of two more no-sew shopping bags I'll be posting there soon.

Hopefully, I haven't offended you with this invitation. And I do hope to meet some of you over there. If I don't connect with you on Facebook, we'll meet up here as soon as possible with my brand new theme! Can you tell that I'm excited?

Hoping to see you this weekend on Surferbird News-Links,